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On time, nice and good


eh la montre elle tue zeby

Nice watch

This is my second Stuhrling watch, and it is as comfortable and nice as my first. The quality is first-rate, the style is unique and I look forward to enjoying it for years!

Route Package Protection
carlos manalang
Sturhling watch

Hello…the watch is good but i really wanted the red and blue version…i sent 3emails stating that i wanted the red and blue bezel model but got the blue and black….I cant be bothered with doing the Exchange thing so this is more a little complain than a review..hopefully the staff who read emails might do a better job for other purchachers..

Great Watch

That's my second Modena 991.03. My father liked my first one that I had to gave it up, so I got myself another one... Why? I'm glad you asked: because I had to.
Well made, stylish, strong material, great leather, fully automatic (just wear it). Stuhrling never disappointed me.

Great watches!

This latest purchase has brought my collection of Stuhrling watches to twelve or more? I’ve lost count! The styles are incredible and diverse and the craftsmanship is second to none. I also love that they manage to keep the price out of the stratosphere and still maintain impeccable quality. I highly recommend!

Best looking watch ever

So great and beautiful watch
Best i ever had

Love this watch company!

Selection, innovation, style, quality and best of all - price.

Can som one that works at Stührling please answer this? Never recived reply, 1year ago when i asked.

Hello, I wonder if Stührling as a company can answer me what is Krysterna Crystal/krysterna flame fusion glass and how should it work against scratches on the watch glass? The advertisement for this glass says on Stührling's information page that this type of glass, KrysternaCrystal, does not get scratched from normal use. Why does my watch get scratches on the glass, lots of scratches too. I took the watch to a watchmaker here at home and had the glass tested and the result was simple, it was normal crystal glass as a standard watch is equipped with and not treated crystal glass. I bought this watch because the advertisement said the watch has krysternacrystal or krysternaflameFhusion glass. .It's been 1 year since I asked them and they still haven't given me an answer to my question or taken responsibility for the fact that the glass has lots of scratches, even though their advertising says that it can't happen with Krysterna Crystal. I see no reason to recommend anyone to buy watches here as they are a highly unscrupulous seller who does not take responsibility for their customers. Have shared this with many watch forums to reassure other buyers of this nonsense as well. They have both raw and bold watches in design, but it doesn't help when no one takes responsibility for the service part that comes with the watch you buy, no matter how reasonable the price is or how nice the watch is.

Great watch

It is a fantastic watch and it is great time piece which I love wearing.

Blue baby

Awesome time piece very classy it looks better than some of my more expensive watches.

Watch gift, great product.

My husband loves the watch. Self winding is a great feature, and the watch has a nice look with the skeleton feature. I have a few, and am very happy with This brand.

Fix the colors

Beautiful idea! While the hands' colours are fine, the onws on the band are in the wrong order. The official sequence for horizontal positioning is Blue on top, then Yellow, and Red on the bottom.

Great watch!

More than expected! Quick delivery (to France), this watch looks even more beautiful on my wrist than on the picture, for I replaced the Nato strap for a brown leather one. I think it is the cuttest model you have. I strongly recommend it!

Great products an great delivery

Very good quality watch and good service

Perfect Anniversary Gift

My husband loves the pocket watch. The intricate details of the timepiece is what makes this watch exceptional.

Steal of a Deal!

This is an absolute gorgeous piece! I caught it at a ridiculously low price as well which makes this deal all the better. Love the size and color combination. The yellow accents pop to give it a taste a flash. The leather band is great quality as well. Nothing but positive things to say about this piece so I highly recommend it!

Black Diamond

The watch feels great, wears well, & looks awesome. I am confident when I wear it.

Bad Quality Control

I have ranked this as 5 stars so people will read it at the top when looking. All I can say is beware. I received the watch and the first day one of the dials came off, then I found it it runs 1 hour behind every 12 hours. I tried to contact support but they have not responded to any of my emails or liaison with them. Basically, I have wasted my money.

Great watch as usual

Always great quality Stuhrling watch

Glance Watch

So ma ny great watches out there with ones with no face showing the working parts and multiple dials. This watch is the perfect "glance" watch. I wanted a watch that you can read at a glance with no need to stare at it to see the time. Got my perfect glance watch 3 days ago. Perfect.

Love it!!!


Beautiful and consistent, it can be worn well even in informal use, precise and robust.

Gorgeous watches

I really love the watches and really enjoyed wearing it👍

Fabulous Looking

I love the style of my two Stuhrling Audrey's. Thrilling Audrey will cause family and friends to grab your wrist an ask; what, when, and where did you get that from? Audrey is a 'head turner; get ready! Highly recommend this Brand and Style.