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NATO Watch Straps Are The Sign Of Summertime

Update your watch's summer look with a comfortable and eye-catching NATO strap.

The versatile and comfortable NATO strap is a staple on trendy wrists around the globe. While the name implies a connection to NATO, there isn't a single strap that was issued to NATO soldiers. The modern style is based on the design commissioned by the British Ministry Of Defense in 1973, and is well-known for its nylon pass-through design that's easy to change and comfortable on the wrist. But beyond its utilitarian nature, the NATO strap is an affordable and trendy way to pair your favorite watch with any outfit.


It's easy to get confused when discussing NATO straps, as there's no singular design. The name became synonymous with all bands, both leather and nylon, that feature a single band with a pass-through design beneath the watch case. Featuring two spring bars that connect in the watch case's lugs, the single band wraps around the wrist and connects with a single buckle and two keepers. This basic construction kept the strap easy to fix in case of wear and tear, with each part easily replaceable compared to leather bands and link bracelets. The NATO strap on the TruTime Racer 845


It's one thing that the strap is comfortable and easy to fix, but the wide range of designs is what sets NATO straps apart in the watch world. Since the bands were designed to be swapped out in case it needed fixing, watch brands can create countless prints and styles on the same single band (just be sure to check the width of your band before buying!). This opened the door for watch enthusiasts to get more adventurous with their favorite watches, subbing out traditional straps on their cases for NATO straps as an easy way to bring a favorite timepiece on a casual day out. Best of all, NATO straps are generally less expensive than two-piece straps and link bracelets, so it's easier to get creative and tell your story with your watches. NATO straps can be worn in a variety of ways and swapped out on the fly, making them a comfortable and expressive way to make the most of your time. While most watches designed for NATO straps have a decidedly casual look, the beauty of this design is that it can be combined with anything from divers to traditional dress watches. Their lightweight design keeps your watch snug on your wrist and won't sweat like regular watch bands. If you're planning on enjoying time outside this spring and summer, look to a NATO strap for style and comfort.

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