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Millennials and Minimalism

A Match Made

The 2010s have been heavily influenced by millennial-driven trends. These young people look to simplify their lives and focus on experiences rather than things. Many new watch brands have exploited this trend. They design simplified modernist timepieces. They often feature nothing more than a thin steel case, hour and minute hands (no seconds hand), and a basic leather or NATO strap.

This minimalism hearkens back to the German art school - Bauhaus. This early 20th century approach to design looked to combine all art forms. Bauhaus stemmed from the 1880s rise of modernism. Radically simplified forms combine with rationality and functionality to harness the potential of mass production.


This rational approach translates to form versus function. Reborn in 21st century watch design, minimalism uses pared-down design elements. Crowdfunded watch brands have readily adopted this ethos to produce stylish and inexpensive timepieces that appeal to the millennial aesthetic. These watches typically feature slim bezels and stark dials with stick markers, elegant hands and fashionable straps, selling for no more than $300.

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