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Where Stührling Watches Are Made - And What Makes Them Great

Stührling watches are made with precision and care. That's why we've been around for almost a quarter of a century.

Now, for the first time, we’re ready to pull back the curtain and reveal where our watches are made—and what makes them a favorite of so many wrists.

The design and development of our timepieces takes place in our Park Slope mothership in Brooklyn, NY. Long before it was hip to call yourself a Brooklynite, we were connecting with Stührling owners around the world through our ongoing digital dialogue to refine designs and ensure satisfaction on wrists everywhere. But when it comes to manufacturing our designs, we went to the same place that Apple, Bose, Sony, and other market-leaders turned to: Shenzhen.

Simply put, the world-class manufacturing capabilities found in this part of China’s Guangdong province rivals (actually, surpasses) everywhere from Silicon Valley to Stuttgart in terms of quality, performance, and value. For a generation that cares more about how something is made rather than where it’s made, brands looking to deliver both maximum quality and value don’t have to look farther than Shenzhen. By now you’re probably wondering why a client list full of top-tier tech brands would be of interest to a company in the business of classically inspired timepieces—not to mention the movements that power them. And though our skeleton watches, divers, and tourbillons thrill in the same way as the latest tech accessories do, the core designs and “technology” of watches have remained pretty much unchanged for almost three centuries. But despite having the whole world to choose from, Stührling opted for Shenzhen—the Switzerland of world-class manufacturing and the perfect place to launch a watch brand that would go on to disrupt the industry. All Stührling watches are made with precision and care, designed in Brooklyn and manufactured in Shenzhen.


What’s the difference between a classic watch movement and a cutting-edge circuit board? About 300 years. But beyond glib comparisons, watch movements actually share a fair amount of similarities to their computer counterparts. Both feature complex designs stored in small devices and both rely on precision manufacturing to make the system work. Just replace chipsets with gears, power sources with mainsprings, and you’ll see how quickly parallels between the two crop up. Watch manufacturing is a precise, meticulous process where virtually every step is informed by centuries of experience. While materials and aesthetics may evolve, the way the gears inside the movement “talk” to the watch’s hands and indicators on the dial is essentially the same. A far cry from the changing world of consumer tech, to be sure, but they face the same manufacturing concerns. Delivering the “latest and greatest” challenges the limits of your production line and, as often is the case in the tech world, you have to rely on manufacturing that maintains the same level of precision and care with every build. Now imagine what happens when all the resources and commitment that has made Shenzhen the world leader in tech manufacturing turns to rich horological tradition of watchmaking. Suddenly, the “Best Of” awards and recognition that our watches enjoy makes a lot more sense. Most brands would’ve been content trusting a place with the bona fides of Shenzhen, but we never intended for Stührling to be like most brands. That’s why we took another page from the leaders of the tech industry and brought in our own team of experts, led by a 3rd-generation Swiss watchmaker who joined us to create the kind of classic watchmaking atelier that hadn’t existed outside of Switzerland until then. The result? A master class in watchmaking that combines old school with new school to rewrite the watch industry’s playbook.

Along the way we created a timepiece brand for consumers who love the classic craftsmanship that defines luxury watches, not because of the “centuries of history” associated with their name. Our customers aren’t into brands that expect loyalty because of what they were in the past. They’re looking for a brand whose value is based on tangibles like quality, craftsmanship, and design. A brand that understands that you’re not buying a watch to tell the time, but rather to tell your story. It takes a trip around the world to bring you a Stührling, but it only takes your wrist to make it matter.

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